LeaderSul 90

Sulphur is important in protein structure and also assists with photosynthesis. Leadersul 90 offers a steady release of nutrients – faster than granular elemental sulphur but without the immediate flush of sulphate fertiliser that can lead to wasteful losses.

LeaderSul90 crop

Viafos LeaderSul 90 offers:

  • Enhancing P release from mineral fertilisers in higher pH soils including Viafos V10 Guano Phosphate
  • Improving soil conditions, moderating overly high pH levels and reducing excess sodium levels
  • Improving the percentage of proteins and oils in certain crops
  • Improving the nutritional value of feed crops – including vegetables and fruit

BioGro Certified

IFOAM accrediated

Product specification table

Symbol Nutrient or Element Measure Value ±
S Free Elemental Sulphur % 90
S Sulphate Sulphur % 0.06
- Bentonite Clay % 10
pH Acidity / Alkalinity Alkaline 8-10
NPKS Expected min. of NPKS % 0/0/0/90
- Natural / Synthetic - Natural
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